The ilustrator  Marlon Augusto - ilustrator

Nostalgic (90's), comics and movie fan, loves fantasy literature,

Card Games, RPG (the game) and 16BITs games.


Born in 86, in São Joaquim da Barra (SP) Brazil, spent early childhood

drawning Ninja Turtles in the blank pages of the recipe books of her

grandmother. Grew with the support of friends, family and teachers 

because the ability of observation and reproduction, thus making

self-taught. Soon ceased to "copy" to create his own heroes.

Moved to Uberlândia (MG), where he began working with design

and illustration to the present day, in search of always

improve and learn more.


"Work with what you like and do not have to

work a single day in the life "         - Confucius

    The studio  MASV Design - Since 2011


              Seaching to follow the trend of the art market, 

    MASV Design Studio was founded in order to offer 

    excellence, timeliness and total dedication to all

    projects, both in graphics, game design and concepts.


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